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Online consultation with MysticalMan1 - Pendulum and Angel Card Reading in Alexandria today. 10-15 years of practicing of Angel Card Reading. **SALE $1.99**NOW OVER 1850 MEMBERS HELPED. TOP EXPERT PSYCHIC. LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS/CHEATING/JOBS & FINANCES/ TIME FRAMES/FUTURE READINGS/STRAIGHTFORWARD HELLO THERE!!! I am so happy to have this amazing opportunity to do good and help as many people as possible!! I am thrilled to be able to help others on ALL LEVELS (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally,and Spiritually). I intend to provide a wide range of services to people from all over. I am a Professional Tarot Card reader also I do Oracle cards and Angel cards. I work with a pendulum and communicate with my spirit guides to provide yes or no answers to any question one might have. I am also an intuitive and clairaudient. I use these abilities along with the tarot and oracle cards to help with insight and clarity to life's questions and concerns. I work with crystals and chakras. I am a Reiki Master and Reiki Practitioner and I am able to send out distant healing to those who are in need or want. Reiki also heals on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). I am an empath as well and am able to put myself in YOUR shoes and FEEL what others cannot. I would like to end by saying this, I CARE about YOU. Each and everyone reading this profile must remember that you ARE special and you are NEVER alone in this journey through life. YOU can DO anything and BE anything you wish to be. DON'T STOP BELIEVING!! LOVE and LIGHT to you ALL!!!!! :) TAROT READINGS WITH TIME FRAMES!!!!! LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS READINGS!!!! GENERAL READINGS!!! PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE!!! PRIVATE E-MAIL READINGS AVAILABLE!!!!! APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE!!!!!!! HIGH LEVEL OF ACCURACY AND FABULOUS TESTIMONIALS!!!!!! MANY ORANUM CAN VOUCH FOR ME!!!!! HIGH LEVEL OF ACCURACY AND FABULOUS TESTIMONIALS!!!!!! A BIT ABOUT ME: I am 39 years old from the United States. I am 100% Italian (half from Naples and the other half from Sicily). I discovered I had clairaudent abilities early on and developed that talent over the years. I always wanted to help people like Superman and be able to heal those in need. Once I found out about Reiki I was hooked. I have received Reiki treatments myself and then started the training. I am currently a Reiki Master and Certified Reiki Practitioner. Meeting new people really does excite me and I really enjoy the spiritual counseling that I can provide. If i can make a difference in someones life then I know i did my job. I learned tarot cards over the years and then decided I was ready to do this professional to reach out to a large group of people and all over the world. That is why I love this Oranum format!!! I would like everyone out there to know that when you go private with me and do a one on one it is about YOU and ONLY YOU!!! I am LOCKED IN and FOCUSED!!! This is a lot more than just a job for me, IT'S PERSONAL!!! This is who I am and this is my calling. My spirituality is very near and dear to my heart. I am also an avid reader and have a pretty big library on many spiritual subjects included Reiki and chakras and the Tarot. I also see auras and am very educated about the human energy system. In private chat I will connect with your unique energy signature as I am an empath. That takes me less than 10 seconds and then I lay out the cards in their appropriate spread. This provides us with a high level of accuracy and much better clarity and direction moving forward. I will however, read just psychically and with my clairaudent abilities alone if you prefer that sort of method of reading. Also I have about five spirit guides that I can connect with for use with my pendulum for yes or no questions as well as confirmation on a particular answer or issue. I do also work with crystals and chakra stones for meditation and healing. These are all tried and trusted methods of divination and healing that go back centuries. I am TRULY HONORED to be able to use these techniques for enlightenment and guidance along with being about to heal people on all levels. :) My readings are VERY positive and it is about the TRUTH. I do not sugar-coat anything. I believe in open and sincere lines of communication between myself and the person I am giving the reading too. I have always been told that I have strong radiant energy and I love projecting that bright love and light onto others!! I believe that everyone has such unlimited potential that they need to tap into and sometimes people need a good boost the get them going. I am here to get you BACK ON TRACK and to give it a push where its needed. I must tell all of you that I am a FIRM BELIEVER in continuing education and investing in yourself!!! I am continually staying fresh with the material I study and am big into self-improvement. Not only does that make me become a better reader but it is CRUCIAL for PERSONAL GROWTH and SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT!! Spiritual development is a life long process. One is never done with it all but makes progress and moves on to higher levels of being. We are truly spiritual beings on this earth experiencing things that we cannot experience in heaven because of a lack of a physical body and limited senses that our bodies with all wonders provide us with in life. I always urge people to repeat to themselves on a daily basis words like positive energy, positive thinking, good karma, and Love and Light. This is what life is supposed to be about and we all can live like this day by day through helping ourselves and offering to help others. I am ready all locked in and ready to be of service to you all. I am very privileged and grateful when you allow me in and give me a chance to help steer you in the right direction. Together I believe there is no end to what we can do. If one is open and willing to receive a reading and to chance a foggy outlook to a bright and optimistic outlook, then THAT is where I come in. I THANK each and every one of you beautiful people for you time and attention for coming into my room and reading this profile to allow me the change to lift you up and provide you with some answers to any dilemma, issue or concern you may have!!!! THANK YOU ALL and MANY MANY BLESSINGS!!!!!

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