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Online consultation with BENNETTandHUTSON - Pendulum and Angel Card Reading in Alexandria today. 25-30 years of practicing of Angel Card Reading. Miggin and Jason are relationship counselors, healers and spiritual coaches. over 7000 readings in the last few years. If your in need we are the team to help guide you. The 'psychicircle' can make a difference in your life. Our information is DIRECT FROM SPIRIT and we do not need tools to do a reading. Troubles in your relationships/love life - we can see the energies involved and guide you. Body Scanning - remote viewing your aura and energy field sees health issues and more Open and strengthen your spiritual side with one of our energy sessions Struggling with insomnia or stress? we will calm you and help you sleep Weight loss energy healings - lose weight naturally Aura readings – remote viewing you and your aura seeing traumas and blocks to your soul path Angel Card Readings – Tarot reading. Simple and effective and widely used Spirit board readings – Messages from beyond Past life readings – Accessing Akashic Records and see your soul history Spiritual coaching – Learn to communicate with your higher self and your spirit guide, open your gifts Dream interpretations – your dreams have deeper meanings Sexual healing – energize you or your partners sex life with a unique distance treatment. proven results!! Candle Prayer and Candle Healing – Manifest the change you seek. Helpful and unbiased we help many hundreds of people around the world every year. SPECIFIC Readings are requested by you based on what you would like. We do not need to use tools but are often asked to do so. Answers and guidance are given that are in your best personal interest. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS You can prepare a list of questions and they can be answered directly by our spirit guides. We don't know what the answers will be but they will be accurate predictions We can also help with HEALINGS FOR MANY SITUATIONS INCLUDING: STOP SMOKING PERMANENTLY ADDICTIONS – ALCOHOL, DRUGS, PRESCRIPTIONS DEPRESSION / ANXIETY / STRESS REMOVAL / REDUCTION OF PHYSICAL PAINS CHAKRA BALANCING AND CLEANSING. Please ask if we can help with your health problems. Together we are able to help with ANY problem whatsoever with advice and guidance on relationships, spiritual growth, understanding your path in life and more

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