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Chat with Alopes - Dream Interpretation and Angel Card Reading in Alexandria online. 5-10 years of practice in Angel Card Reading. Hello my name is Adelina, I am an empathic & Clairvoyant Reader. need clarity? within love relationships, guidance? Need to be directed in a path that you may be confused about? I can guide you through our higher power God. I will not tell ;you what to feel or think, or give you false hopes and dreams. Everyone has their own free will. I feel i have been sent to earth to help people. I am very compassionate in what i do, and look at every person as an individual. You may not need to ask me a question as i go off of vibes. Feelings and emotions i can read off a person. I am very accurate and can tell you past present or future. As a child I was very confused, i would get flashes of pictures, or smells and feelings that i didnt know where they were coming from. I would channel others feelings as they were my own, and sometimes act on them and not know where thy were coming from. Later on it finally all came together. My family started coming foward and telling me the expierences they have had also. So this gift i have has came from a long line through my family history. I now knew i wasnt alone. i truely believe that i was put on this earth to help others and i have done so in many different ways i dont look at this a a job our a career but more as a destiny of my life purpose. God is out there, but only you can experience yourself and to prove yourself God is there.It is by prayers,relationship with God and faith.God is everywhere.Bible told us God is love. Even with those who don't know God or who does not believe in God, they have ability to love or to be love because God creates us that way.Love is in our blood

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